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Some background

For as long as he can remember, SEB NomadSoul has been drawing. "Born drawing" some have said. While continuously develloping techniques and styles he also experimented and mastered other artforms outside the 2d borders. SEB NomadSoul attended the AKI acedemy of Arts in the Netherlands where he graduated by building big installations in wich he made paintings come alive by projecting video and digital-animation on and through them. 


His focus on themes shifted from the outside world to the inner realms, always trying to visualise emotions, visions into artforms matching the themes.

Spirituality, the unfolding of life and altered states of consciousness are always at the base of his works. Wether it be painted bridfeathers, 3d objects or songs, SEB NomadSoul has a sharp eye for details and puts in a great effort to the perfection his work.

Artist statement

I love to travel, the outside world as well as the inner realms. Travelling the borders of consciousness has shows me unspeakable depth and vastness.

These visions are so profound that I have to reference them in my work. Although I realise that this ever developping, all surpasing stream of creation is impossible to lay down in paint or any other form of art, I feel it is some kind of purpose to keep trying, to translate and communicate this consciousness into art.

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